Paula came to my rescue for the second time, previously decluttering my very overloaded home, attic and garden rooms, after finding out we needed to move home in less than a month and having three young children and a husband who was working long hours, I wasn’t going to meet the deadline alone. Not only did she help with the organising and packing in our old house, she then came to help me get organised in our new home, unpacking, cleaning, sorting through our ongoing clutter, removing items for the recycling centre and generally anything that needed doing – completely preventing me from having an overload meltdown! I honestly couldn’t have done it without her or be in a position today where our home feels comfortable and liveable, items in labelled boxes, so easy to find and space to move around, until we decide how we want our new house to be. Her ability to adapt to our ever changing needs with grace and professionalism, was greatly appreciated. Having suffered through numerous house moves in the past, I’m now wishing I’d hired her services from the beginning, she has not only been a highly productive super professional but a lovely person to have around. Her calm, friendly demeanour leaves you feeling secure that all will be well, no matter what mammoth task lies ahead. I can’t recommend her enough and look forward to using her sanity saving support once again in the near future!